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How to remove fiberglass splinters from skin?

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  • The SECRET to getting fiberglass out of your skin!

Getting fiberglass on your skin… SUCKS. It’s itchy and irritating and can totally ruin your whole day! Today I was cleaning the wax off of my board and yes, I got fiberglass ALL over my fingers! (And a HUGE dirty wad of wax off of my board… yuck!)

The secret is so simple – TAPE! Anything from tape continuum from scotch tape to duct tape to gorilla tape. I tend to think the stickier the better

(Thank you to my hanai big brothers Brian Keaulana and Lanai Tabura for bringing this to my attention – they swear by duct tape)
Cut a piece of duct tape and lightly put it on the area where the fiberglass is poking you. After a few seconds, gently take the tape off and voila! It might not get every single little piece out but I guarantee it will feel a whole lot better than it did before! You can also soak in a warm bath with salt & then use an old panty hose to remove the remaining fibers by gently rubbing over the affected area – heck! Do all three! Can’t hurt right?

Once the fiberglass is out and the board is clean… Life’s Swell again

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