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How to remove fiberglass from a wood boat?

I am a complete newbie to wooden boats and your site. I just purchased a 1950s plywood cruiser that has some fiberglass on the hull in various places. The hull is sound but is in need of a new paint job so I am about to start stripping it down. The person who applied the fiberglass did a poor (being kind) job of applying it. I see the weave and edge of every piece with raised areas where the fluid is built up.

I am wondering if I should simply sand all of the bad fiberglass out and start fresh, or try to remove the paint from the fiberglass and apply more layers on top to hide the fibers?

Are there other alternatives that a newbie like me may not be aware of?

Thank you, in advance, for any info/input you may have!

David Rogers

I agree with Rick that you will want to remove that old glass. Before sanding, I would attempt to heat it with a heat gun and see if you can grab an edge and peel it off.

David M

Wow. thank you guys for the input. I was afraid I was going to have to remove it.

The previous owner ran fiberglass along the V in the hull and around the edges of the transom so hopefully it won't be too painful to get this stuff off.

David M

Thank you all for the input. I created a blog for posterity and maybe a little narcissism. If you are at all interested.

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