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How to remove bamboo roots from garden?

Bamboo growing all over your landscape can be a nuisance, as they spread frantically and destroy the beauty of the garden. The following article provides information about the various natural methods to kill bamboo.

Bamboo growing all over your landscape can be a nuisance, as they spread frantically and destroy the beauty of the garden. The following article provides information about the various natural methods to kill bamboo.

As attractive as a bamboo plant may look in your yard, the speed at which it grows is incredible. Not only can it take over your entire yard and ruin your landscape design, but it can even sneak in your neighbor’s yard, and cause him a lot of trouble. It also absorbs some of the most important nutrients from the soil, including water, which affects the growth of other plants in your yard. However, you can get some respite from it by killing it.

An important thing that you must understand when you take up the charge of eliminating the bamboo plant from your landscape, is that it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. It will last for days, weeks, months, and perhaps even a year, till the growth has completely stopped. Some species of bamboos have a network of rhizomes that runs under the soil, which means you have to eliminate the problem from the root. However, some other types which grow in bunches do not spread, and hence there is no need to use control measures for them. Given below are some of the methods that will help you get rid of bamboo plants without having to use chemical-rich herbicides.


Digging the soil to kill the network of rhizomes of the bamboo plant is one way to kill bamboo. These steps will help you effectively kill the bamboo.

  • Before you begin the treatment, water the area around the bamboo plant, so that the soil is moist. This makes the digging and root elimination process easier.
  • Use a shovel and begin digging around the base clump of bamboo in your landscape. Once you reach the roots, you will have to manually remove the roots. Remove as much of it as you can.
  • Be sure that the bamboo plant will grow back, no matter how much roots you remove. You will have to keep repeating this process, till you weaken the plant and it disappears ultimately.

This method is most effective for a smaller clump of the bamboo plant, as it requires a lot of energy.


With the process of regular mowing you can get rid of bamboo that has made your yard its home.

  • Start by cutting the bamboo shoots as close to the ground as possible. You may need to use a saw for this purpose.
  • Use a lawn mower, and mow over the area thoroughly. Use the lowest deck setting to clear out the area.
  • After you finish mowing the landscape, water the area well. This will result in a new growth, after a few days.
  • As soon as you notice the growth, mow over the patch again. Continue doing this till the growth reduces and ends completely.

In this method, it is the initial step that is most time-consuming. However, if you keep following this mowing method, the plant will eventually weaken and die.


Vinegar acts as a good natural herbicide, which helps you get rid of the bamboo plants.

  • As explained in the first method, in this method also you have to first moisten the soil and dig around the clump of bamboo. Then remove as much of the root as possible.
  • After this step, combine ½ cup of white vinegar, with 2½ cups of water in a bottle with a sprayer.
  • In the area that you have dug and removed the roots from, spray this vinegar solution, and ensure that the soil is thoroughly drenched with this concoction.
  • Take some old newspapers, and place them on the patch soaked in the vinegar solution. Place some heavy weights such as a few rocks or bricks on them, so that the paper remains in place. Doing so will prevent the plant from growing back.

This method attacks all those roots that you were unable to remove. However, if you do notice the plant growing back, repeat this method till all the roots are dead. An alternative to this method is to put just plain boiling hot water in the dug up trench instead of the vinegar solution, to kill the roots of the bamboo plant.

Killing a bamboo plant takes a good amount of time, which can stretch beyond a year. Don’t give up, and use the aforementioned methods to get some respite from this invader of your beautiful garden.

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