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How to remove commercials from crackle?

Crackle doesn't have the best selection of movies, but there are enough that I WOULD use the service IF it weren't for the incessant commercials. I understand services like Crackle make money off advertisements, but don't the Crackle executives read reviews of their site? The commercials are so frequent that the viewing experience is ruined--which means I'd rather NOT watch a movie than be rudely jarred out of entertainment-mode with garish, tacky, too-frequent commercials. Business people remark often that time is money. If they believe this, then they insult us by wasting our valuable time with commercial-overload. Better to pay for a movie, enjoy the 80 minutes, and get to bed, than sit through the insulting gibberish the ad companies try to push down my throat. And the irony is whatever product I DO happen to catch from an intrusive ad, I have such a negative feeling about I'm SURE not to buy it. Enough ads!

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You have no right complaining about ads if the service you are using is free. If commercials bother you so much, get Netflix.

@Thud Absolutely correct! I can't believe people are [censor]ing about advertising on a free service. How else is it supposed to be free. You know what pisses me off paying for cable and satellite to get loaded with more commercials and Crackle has. And I'm paying for it! How about complaining about a service like Comcast where you pay them a crapload of money per month and they still throw tons of commercials in it. I love Crackle!

@Thud Watching 5 minutes of a movie and then 6 minutes of a commercial, rinse and repeat, is insane. One movie was enough for me. deleting Crackle App from my Roku.

@Thud Hulu has ads and yet Hulu has higher ratings. In your black and white view how do you rectify this difference? QUANTITY is the problem.

The quality of a service isn't judge on whether it has ads or not. It's a combination of factors, does it have ads, does it have a subscription, what's the quality of service (uptime and speed of servers + customer service), how large is the selection they are providing, what is the expense of providing this selection, are there exclusives?

Taking into account all of these the original poster is saying the number of ads isn't justified by all the positives of this service. You also assume the person above doesn't have Netflix. I have a Netflix account and a Hulu account. But there are still shows and movies this service has that the others don't. Now if I want to watch a show on this service but an excessive number of ads is hurting my enjoyment of this show. I can stop watching and intend to as the original poster likely is as well, but if I don't tell crackle why they won't know why. Maybe they are asking themselves why their ratings are lower than Hulu, now they can look to the comments on their platform to see people's opinion of the service and make changes they think will better the platform.

I don't know how you are unaware of this. Giving criticism whether it's taken or not improves the platform because it provides more information for the company to make decisions with.

@Thud Yet other FREE ones dont have as many ads as crackle does. So they can cut back on them

@ehforcanada I agree. I love crackle. Has great movie selection and it's free. The only thing that bothers me is that the app is a bit buggy with ads and the interface is slow on some devices. I use it on my ps4 runs perfect but on my blue ray it lags a lot also on the tv app it lags but what the hell is free. People pay cable just to watch commercials lol. Me personally I hate Netflix it used to be awesome the last 2 years it has really go down the amount of garbage is incredible there content hasn't been updated in a long time and the amount of Bollywood stuff is sickening

@agon024 It's not so much about the ads. It's the ad system that they have in place. The ads intrude the programming in such a nasty way.

@Thud Tubi and Pluto TV do a much better job of handling ad frequency and volume. With Crackle, you get a long block of ads before you even view any content. So you have to sit through a couple of minutes of advertising to view any part of a program you may not even like. When you choose another program, the process repeats. More ads.

I uninstalled Crackle from all my devices. I experienced nothing but aggravation with it.

@Thud We understand that commercials are a necessary part of the free viewing experience; however, they are tad bit excessive. lol They don’t have to run a commercial break ever 5 or 6 minutes during a 25 minute show. That’s ridiculous.

It is because of those revenue generating ads that the free service can be made available to you.

@Brenda* Ads aren't the problem, too many are the problem. Crackle can make money on ads without being excessive. Hulu has been able to do this without any problems. Why can't Crackle?

Iron Muffin just copying what everyone else is saying once again. Anything original to add or are you just a parrot?

I used crackle once. as you said the ads are WAY mega overboard frequent. there are more adds than on TV. I wrote down the names of the companies being advertised and put them on my list of business to never buy from. then I deleted crackle. Their movie selection is garbage just like netflix. old outdated stupid B-rated crap.

I watched one movie, and now no matter which movie I choose, it just plays the same damn movie again. It does not register that I've chosen a new movie, even though it appears to think it's playing that movie, it's still just playing the first movie I watched.

I'm sorry, did someone post here that - "you have no right to complain if the service is free" (??)
There is absolutely nothing about Crackle that is free. If you devalue your worth so much that you think your time and attention have no value you might ask why they spend millions on commercials.
Frankly if I am watching a show and there is any recognizable product in frame then I am indeed being advertised to already without a commercial break. Be that a car, watch, appliance, alcohol, cigarette, any brand period - I have paid with my attention either subliminal or conscious. How anyone can say that 5 to 6 sets of 4 to 5 commercials in a row justify the privilege of watching Hollywood tripe shows how low an opinion they have of their self worth.
We are the consumer, the target audience, our viewership is essential to revenue. How we vote is ALL that counts and they know it.
Crackle is in a bind because of their model, people do not like the incessant commercials which are far greater than traditional broadcast stations. This is the reason they have to show so many commercials - to make up for the loss of better quality viewers who won't stand for this nonsense and leave.
As of today I am removing the channel from my Roku list. The last thing I want is for this garbage to catch on.

Trying to watch Art of the Deal, unwatchable. Too many commercials. Keeps freezing up. I really think this channel is run by crackheads.

Watch almost a whole movie and every time it goes to commercial it starts way back at beginning, try to fast forward, and goes to commercial and back to same spot way back at beginning. It has done this for more than one movie.

The Crackle app on my old Sony Blu Ray player seemed to have less content but during an episode of lets say Married With Children, there'd only be one to two commercials every ten minutes, and they were uber short. The Crackle app on my Roku looks better and seems to have far more content but after the opening credits of Married With Children there's 5 commercials, then after 5-10 minutes of the actual show, there's another 4 commercials. The commercials also seem to freeze for a moments quite a bit. The whole "the service is free so you have no right to complain" defense of Crackle just doesn't fly because a lot of tv channels are free, like the CW, but the CW airs half the commericals during a 30 minute show that Crackle does, same goes for NBC, CBS, etc, and so on which are also all free.

Its a shame because Crackle on my Sony blu ray player was a great service, they had all of the episodes of Robotech last month for example and only one to two commercials every 12 minutes, but on the Roku, it sucks.

Made the mistake of falling asleep during a movie and trying to resume the next day. Fast Forwarded to halfway through the movie, and Crackle is like "Nice try. Now watch every single commercial break you skipped over." About 50 commercials in a row.

I love Dennis Quaid. and I understand that ads generate the revenue that pay for these big stars' ENORMOUS salaries. BUT. 2 minutes of ads every 10 minutes on CRACKLE simply make the programs UNWATCHABLE. If nothing else, follow the HULU model and let people pay a few dollars a month to get rid of these obnoxious, invasive ads. I have DELETED the CRACKLE channel from my ROKU box until such time as the powers that be at CRACKLE wake up to the fact that their customers are not going to put up with this.

So im watching a movie on crackle on my PS4 over and hour in i check something else out on my ps4 for a few minutes and go back and hit resume movie and it took me back around the 30 minute mark. So i fast foward and i have to stop for the commercials or else it freezes. Then when i get to a certain commercial break it freezes completely so i cant finish the movie. If you ever use this #### service you better be ready to watch in one sitting or you will regret it

For me when I try to watch Comedians in Cars it just plays the same commercial over and over again. Newer plays the show.

Beside all the commercials, it is always the same ones first Red Lobster then Starbucks then Red Lobster then again Starbucks then a vacation ad, then Nintendo then another Starbucks then Nintendo again, finally I get to see 10 min. Of movie then back to the commercials. There is almost more commercials than movie.

Can't watch a momie without that dang lowes commercial every 3 minutes!! And always the same damn one! No more crackle for this family thanks anyway. Can't keep a kid quiet to watch a movie to begin with without all these damn commercls!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks ads are getting out of hand. If I invest my time in watching something then I expect it to be THAT and not a bunch of commercials about cars. Youtube is the same now, it's all about ads ads ads and the only way to make them stop is to pay for their Youtube Red which I won't do. And they put ads even on free videos that users make themselves and upload. How is that fair? Youtube makes money but the person who makes the video doesn't.

It is bad enough that there are way too many commercials, the same commercials, over and over doing the buyer of the ad time no benefit more than if they were shown once or twice. But Crackle is so buggy that on every error, it makes you watch the commercials again, and doesn't stream well, so ads take much longer to play than the content. Crackle forgets where you left off? Play long stream of ads until you can move the start to correct position, and plays ads again. Missed the exact point, maybe a little too far backward or forward? Correct and receive 6 minutes of ads that take 30 minutes to play (as they stop, fail to load, . ). It would be far more effective if the ads were fewer, not repetitive, not suddenly higher quality than the movie destroying the bandwidth, and not punitive in making you always watch ads every time Crackle makes an error.

I appreciate that Crackle is free, and MANY more people would use it and see the ads if they were better managed. I get ads anywhere from every 7-9 minutes, and they don't fit in where a normal commercial break would be expected. They just show up out of the blue and interrupt important scenes. The longer I watch, the more commercials I get. I guess they figure once you are invested n the show, you will watch even more. Sadly, after watching 7 commercials, it goes back to the menu (it probably got tired of the commercials too). When I try to resume, the commercials start all over again. I watched a 1 hour and 42 minute movie, and it took almost 4 hours. I think that is unreasonable, even if it is free. I know it's my right not to watch, and I won't be anymore, until they find a happy medium that is more acceptable.

@FudgePants If you don't like it then don't use it you [censor]. How stupid are you. What you need to do, is find your local drug dealer buy a gun put it in your mouth and pull the trigger because you are a complete waste of air you stupid ignorant [censor].

@agon024 Are they paying you to sound so loyal? FREE Hulu doesn't have this many commercials.

@agon024 You are a complete as*hole and moron. better yet why don't you go stand in the middle of any street while cars come at you and run your worthless ass over!


Crackle needs to fix their advertising engine. A recurring complaint in this thread is that the commercials just pop up at odd times, in the middle of scenes. This is not be design. this is called Lack of Design. Perhaps Crackle is cash strapped or perhaps they don't care. Whatever the reason, the commercial delivery is flawed badly and it will eventually cost them dearly. I am about done with the service myself due to the poor commercial delivery.

@Tom8Williams How about you stop [censor]ing about a completely free service you ungrateful [censor]. If you don't like it sign up for Netflix. Aside from that shut the [censor] up! It's free! Do you really want to continue with these comments. Go ahead. I'll rip into you you little [censor]!

I can't believe people are [censor]ing about advertising on a free service. How else is it supposed to be free. You know what pisses me off paying for cable and satellite to get loaded with more commercials and Crackle has. And I'm paying for it! How about complaining about a service like Comcast where you pay them a crapload of money per month and they still throw tons of commercials in it. I love Crackle! If you don't want ad then sign up for Netflix or Amazon Prime and get it commercial free. Until then you ungrateful [censor] stop [censor]ing about a service that's three and decides to put commercials in it for some sort of Revenue and to be able to pay the production companies for providing this movie to you. They have to pay to offer u these movies. Crackle doesn't get them for free. Think you [censor]! Or is that too hard for you.

Sorry but 8 commercials just trying to watch an episode of Who's The Boss in between one scene at a time is ridiculous! Nobody is going to stay with Crackle and make them revenue with this overkill. Hulu makes you pay to not have commercials. I would be glad to pay a few bucks for Crackle to do the same than put up with this. Also between the commercials is dead black space for a minute or two at a time so sometimes you have 10 minutes worth of commercials (literally) for a 30 minute show . Taking an hr to watch a 30 min show is a no go for me. I think Crackle wants to make money off of us so they need to tone it down. Nobody is going to stay for that much.

Crackle is awesome. So you have to watch a couple commercials, so what? That's how they pay the light bill. I freaking loathe paying for Netflix and Hulu so I don't. I use crackle and get great movies for free. And sometimes I actually buy the products. So yeah STFU idiot.

Well i've noticed something, when i watch crackle on my chromebook i DO NOT see any ads at all, so instead of using my smart tv i just hook up my laptop to my tv and enjoy watching it on a 60 inch screen.

Thanks for the reviews. I won’t be wasting my time.

Thanks for telling the TRUTH folks, but of course what else would you expect from a money grubbing company like Sony since they've shown their [censored] too many times by refusing to lower prices on their game systems over the years while nintendo and xbox did lower theirs. I won't be installing it.

Sony should take a serious look at The Roku Channel. Like Crackle, commercials are shown with TRC content. Big difference though. The number of irritatingly incessant commercials shown on Crackle is obscene. Get a grip Sony. You should know better than this!

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