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How to remove pheasant legs?

I realize a pheasant breast is the “Holy Grail” of wild game succulence, but don’t overlook a rooster’s thighs and legs. And for goodness sake, don’t just breast the bird and garbage the remainder. Pheasant legs are certainly tougher to cook, but a rooster’s legs and thighs actually produce quite a lot of tasty dark meat when handled with care.

Perhaps the easiest way to put those pheasant legs to good use is in soup, which is exactly what I prepared last evening with my opening weekend’s rooster legs and the last of my garden’s produce.


2 sets of pheasant legs
3 cups of sliced carrots
2 cups of sliced celery
1 small tin of mushrooms
1 small can of corn kernels
1 small tin of sliced water chestnuts
10 chicken bouillon cubes or chicken stock
Small box of your favorite noodles (shells, O’s, etc.)


1) Start by slow boiling the pheasant legs in water for roughly 15 minutes.
2) Remove the legs from the water and let cool.
3) Reduce the remaining water to a low simmer.
4) Cook noodles as instructed on the box in a separate pot.
5) Add bouillon cubes and additional water to the remaining water from the boiled pheasant leg pan after the water has cooled a bit.
6) Add carrots, celery, mushrooms, corn and water chestnuts to the pot of simmering water.
7) After the pheasant legs have cooled, pick the meat off the bones being careful to remove any tendons from the lower leg meat.
8) Add the pulled leg meat to the soup.
9) Add the cooked noodles to the soup.
10) Simmer the soup on low, stirring occasionally for about an hour.
11) Serve with your favorite soup cracker.

This preparation is definitely not fancy, but it’s certainly not difficult. And, I promise, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll begin looking forward to saving the legs from future roosters.

Do you have a favorite pheasant leg recipe? Send it my way!

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