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How to remove oil based paint from car seat?

You have decided to paint your living room to give it a fresh, clean look, but when you finish, you discover to your horror that all of the paint didn’t stay on the walls. In fact, somehow, it found its way to your sofa. The truth is, no matter how careful you are, paint seems to find its way to where it doesn’t belong. While it may seem hopeless, you can clean paint off of your upholstery.

The key to removing paint from upholstery is to do it as soon as you notice it. Once the paint is completely dried, it becomes much more difficult to remove. Also keep in mind, that if you used oil paint, it can be much – much more difficult to remove, and a professional will be needed to get the job done.

Removing Latex Paint from Upholstery

Latex paint is water based, so it can be removed. First you will need to remove any excess paint. Plan to use something like a spoon to scoop it off. Once all of the extra is removed, use a damp sponge to loosen up the rest of the paint.

Once all of the paint that can be removed with water alone has been, you have several options to continue the process. These include:

  • Use WD-40 on the stain letting it sit for fifteen minutes then clean with water.
  • Spray the area with hairspray and let it sit for fifteen minutes then rub with a sponge.
  • Use a cotton ball with nail polish remover to blot the area then remove with water.

Finally, take a mixture of half water and half white vinegar and blot on the area to remove the odors from the above.

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