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How to remove white background in photoshop transparent?

Posted 8 years ago

I'm using adobe photoshop 7.0. I'm not a pro at all. I just went on the internet to check out some totorials. But it didn't seem to answer my question.

I know how to get rid of the white background from my logo image, and I understand that you can then use the logo image as a layer on another image, but I only want the logo by itself, without any colored background.

So now the logo is shown in the middle of my original squared image, as it use to look, now with the gray and white blocks all around it. From here I don't know what else to do, so I save the image as a PNG file. But as I reopen it with any photo viewer, it shows the transparent gray and white blocks on the squared image with the logo in the middle. It does not look right.

I don't even know if photoshop allows this edit or if I need to use a different program. Any idea?

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