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How to remove a stuck daith piercing?

Daith piercing is very common these days. While it may look cool when you sport a cartilage piercing, you are still creating a wound in your ear, and you are at risk of developing an infection if you fail to care for the wound properly. That said, infected cartilage piercing is not fun at all.

To keep your daith piercing looking its best and prevent any long-term complications, you must keep it clean and follow the correct ways of managing it.

Daith Piercing Infection – What Is It?

Ear piercing is commonly done in the earlobe. However, a popular trend these days is piercing the cartilage area of the ears. Just like regular piercing on the earlobes, cartilage piercing can also become infected.

Daith piercing infection occurs when bacteria contaminates the piercing in your ear. This condition typically occurs early in the healing process, as the wound from the piercing is still open.

Unlike earlobe piercing, it can take about a three months or more for a cartilage piercing to become fully healed. That said, you should take extra care in preventing daith piercing infection.

Also, this type of infection can be mild, affecting only the surface of the ear or severe, affecting the cartilage itself. When the infection spreads to the ear cartilage, it can cause further complications and tends to become difficult to treat.

Daith piercing infection can also cause unsightly bumps forming at the site of the piercing.

What Causes Daith Piercing Infection?

There are several reasons that can cause death piercing infection. Here are some of them.

Signs and Symptoms of Daith Piercing Infection – How do You Know if a Piercing is infected??

You should not wait until your cartilage piercing becomes severely infected before starting any treatment. Thus, it is important that you know the signs and symptoms that indicate daith piercing infection.

To catch a cartilage piercing infection in the early stages, you have to check for the following symptoms.

If you observe the following symptoms on your ear piercing, chances are it has already become infected.

You should start treating the infection right away to prevent further complications that will require more expensive antibiotic medications and other surgical interventions like incision and drainage of the affected area.

How Can You Prevent Daith Piercing Infection?

To avoid daith piercing infection, you have to make sure that your ears are pierced by a professional. You should not do it at home by yourself.

Also, you should also ask whether or not the tools are clean and sterile. The earrings that you will use should come out of a new and sterile package.

After you get your ears pierced, you can prevent it from getting infected through cleaning your ears twice a day using a sterile saline solution.

You should avoid turning or touching your earrings until your piercing is fully healed, as this can create trauma to the affected area and cause infection. Instead, you can lean around the piercing without necessarily removing the earring.

While it can be tempting to play with your ear piercing, you should avoid doing such as this is one of the most common ways for the infection to start.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Treating an Infected Daith Piercing

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of treating an infected daith piercing. Following these interventions can ensure faster healing and recovery.

1 Do NOT Remove the Earring

The first thing that you need to know about treating an infected daith piercing is that you should not attempt to remove the earring, as this can help the piercing to drain.

Allowing the piercing to drain will help flush out the wound and removal of the bacteria.

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