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How to remove a trailer spindle?

how do you remove the spindle i ground all the welds on the back side

asked by: MICHAEL L

Trailer spindles are welded directly to the axle so to remove one it just needs to be cut off completely using a torch or saw.

Then to replace the spindle such as with the EZ Lube # R50342EZ that you were looking at it's extremely important that it be done by a certified welder who is experienced with this type of job. It has to be welded perfectly square to the axle or you're going to have constant problems with the trailer's suspension once everything else is put into place.

Because of the cost of having a certified welder perform this type of job in many cases it is actually cheaper to just have the entire axle replaced with one that includes the needed spindles. I have attached a link that will take you to our complete axle selection if you decide to go this route.

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