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How to remove track changes in word 2007 document?

Need to permanently remove 'track changes' from a document (word 07)

I did following steps
1. Click the Office button.
2. Point to Prepare and select Inspect Document.
3. Word will display the Inspect Document dialog box.
4. Check the first option: Comments, Revisions, Versions and Annotation.
5. Check any other options you want Word to inspect.
6. Click the Inspect button. (Word will prompt you to save the document if there are unsaved changes.)
7. Word will display the inspection results.
8. If any comments or revisions are discovered, you can permanently remove them by clicking the Remove All button in the Document Inspector dialog.

goes to turn the feature off, saves the document and finds that 'track changes's is re-enabled!
# obtained a copy of the document. explored. replicated issue. Looked in the menus and explored. (looked in doc properties), and entire track changes menu, etc. came up dry
# googled -- found: http://www.ptraining.com/blog/2010/10/permanently-remove-track-changes-from-a-word-2007-document/

i've googled this issue and attempted on my end to replicate the steps and follow the solution; and it is not working for her. when she opens the document, track changes is re-enabled!
# thank you much, in advance!

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