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How to remove bamboo splinters?

Not everyone is in agreement that sanding and refinishing bamboo flooring is a good idea, even though most types of bamboo are as hard or harder than hardwood flooring. Conventional vertical and horizontal bamboo flooring is comparable in hardness to red oak, and strand bamboo is harder than ipé, the hardest commercially available hardwood, so there's little danger of wearing depressions or valleys into the flooring. The problem has to do with the nature of bamboo and the not-so-eco-friendly adhesives used in the manufacturing process.

Bamboo Flooring Truth warns that sanding some brands of flooring can raise fine splinters that remain after the floor has been refinished, and even worse, it can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the toxic chemicals in the adhesive used to bind the bamboo fibers. Few bamboo flooring distributors raise these concerns, however, and most recommend using the same refinishing techniques you would use for hardwood floors.

The truth is that bamboo flooring hasn't been around long enough for installers to form a consensus about refinishing it, so you're taking a chance by approaching it as a DIY project. Your prospects of achieving great results are excellent, though, especially if your flooring is made of strand bamboo.

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