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How to remove oil stains from microwave?

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At first this was an amusing, slightly challenging attempt to find a solution for those long-term, permanent microwave stains. Then it turned into a vendetta. Each new method had me approaching the microwave with narrowed eyes and determination to win. And finally, I have. You would not believe how much time I have dedicated to finding a solution to this problem. But like I’ve promised to you, my dear readers, I won’t share it unless it works! And I have succeeded.

Normal cleaning of a microwave isn’t a problem. Wipe it down often, usually no problem. If dirtier, cook some vinegar and water about 2 minutes and then wipe down. But over the years stains build up. My goal this time around was to get those stains out.

So, I tested. I googled and tested some more. I finally found one method that works better than the others. But it required major scrubbing. I estimated it would take about 4 magic erasers and two hours. I want a clean microwave…but I don’t want it that bad.

So back to Google and then the grocery store. Finally, in desperation, I offered a $25 reward on Facebook to anyone who could provide a solution that met the following requirements:

  1. Takes less than 20 min. per side to clean. (Reason: Magic Eraser works to some extent, but I would probably have to spend 3 hrs. getting stains off.)
  2. It wasn’t one of the solutions I’d already tried.

Well….none of them worked. But at least I got my friends involved. And I found a cleaning item I hadn’t used before, but definitely will again.
For a full list of all 15 things I tried, see the very bottom.

Start pictures: like I said, years of deep stains…I clean it regularly now…but wasn’t always so diligent. These stains wouldn’t go away with normal cleaning!

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