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How to remove static from silk top?

Struggling with static problems in your clothes? Here are some easy ways to tackle static, whether you're at home or already out.

You know the scene. you're all glammed up and ready to go when suddenly there's a wardrobe malfunction!

Thanks to static, your dress or skirt are far more figure hugging than you'd intended. Eek! But, don't fear, there are ways to tackle it.

What causes static?

So, what exactly causes that certain dress to feel like it's sticking to you or your tights to feel a bit clingy?

Static is caused by drying or wearing (usually synthetic) fabrics that gather electric charge. An electrostatic charge builds up in your clothes due to different fabrics rubbing against each other.

Static clothing can be a particular problem for anyone who puts their clothes in a tumble-dryer.

How can you stop it?

The easiest and most effective anti-static barrier is just to put a slip on. But failing that.

  • Rub the inside of the garment and your legs with a tumble dryer sheet.
  • If you haven't got any, spray inside of garment and legs with a very fine mist of distilled water or rub legs with hand lotion.
  • If you're just about to leave the house, try running a wire hanger across your clothes after you've put them on, as this will transfer the static.

GHI TIP: Out and about already? Spray the inside of the garment and your legs with a little hairspray or just plain water (not too much!)

What can you do to avoid it?

There are several steps you can take to avoid an electrostatic charge building up in your clothing.

  • If you're susceptible to static, avoid synthetic clothing, as this tends to be the worst culprit. Instead, shop for natural fibres, which retain moisture better.
  • Use fabric conditioner in the wash, as it helps reduce friction and static as well as giving fabrics a soft, fluffy feel.
  • Don’t over dry clothes and try and dry synthetic fibres separately so they don’t charge up the rest of your clothes. If you can, line or air dry.
  • Buy an anti-static spray, like Static Guard Static Cling Spray, and keep it in the wardrobe!

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