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How to remove musty odor from closet?

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The best ways to deodorize a closet naturally always include actually removing the odor – rather than masking it. After all, purifying the air in your closet is much better than adding in more chemicals through artificial fragrances.

Smells in a Closet

Your closet stores dirty laundry, stinky shoes, smelly socks and musty smells from old clothing.

Or maybe you love second hand clothes shopping but can’t get rid of the smells in thrift store clothing.

Is it any wonder why your closet smells bad?

Yet the answer isn’t to add a heavily fragranced item to just be more powerful than the smelly odors. No. (If you are looking to make an entire room smell better, then here’s a great DIY for a natural odor eliminator spray.)

Oh, and by the way, you’ve got to keep buying those smelly closet fresheners, which means money just being spent over and over. Which is kind of wasteful, anyways.

The brilliant hack to keep your closet smelling fresh is using the natural power of bamboo.

How Bamboo Removes Odors

Yes, that’s right! Those tall plants in the forest can help you get rid of the stinky smell of your gym socks and dirty laundry.

Now, yes, there are a few other ways to deodorize a closet naturally. They are:

  • Remove the offending odor (the actual shoes, gym bag, etc.). I’m pretty sure you’ve already thought of that……
  • Get fresh air in from a window. I don’t know many people with windows in their closet…..
  • Use baking soda. Yes, it works. If you want to store a box of baking soda in your closet. But it’s not decorative or renewable. And you have got to keep replacing it.

So bamboo air deodorizers help to fix the problems of so many other natural ways to deodorize a closet that don’t really seem to work.

How does bamboo work?

When bamboo is burned, it is made into activated charcoal. That charcoal is then kept and used in natural air purifiers.

Air passes through the charcoal purifier during normal air circulation over the day (the charcoal is enclosed in a bag or box). When the air passes through the bamboo activated charcoal, it is purified, which means the odors are removed.

After the natural process, what you have isn’t an artificially scented pine forest, but just clean air (which has NO smell, by the way!).

Bamboo Removes Moisture, Mildew and Mold

Bamboo is my favorite method in removing mold and mildew in cars. It’s also my best way to get rid of odors in the refrigerator. In fact, activated charcoal kills mold from many surfaces (it can even be ingested, too). Using the natural ingredient is ideal for closets, too.

While the following bamboo air purifiers are the best way to deodorize a closet naturally, they are all great at removing moisture, mold and mildew, too.

Bamboo can be reused over and over again. Every 1-3 months, put the bamboo air purifier in the sun, and the heat of the sun’s rays will bake out the nasty odor causing substances.

Then your bamboo bag is refreshed and ready to eliminate odors again.

I said it was brilliant! And it costs less money than buying fancy sprays or shoe inserts or artificial fragranced room “deodorizers.”

If you are masking the smell rather than eliminating it, you are not deodorizing, people. You are patching a broken system that doesn’t work.

So, here are some of the most stylish, affordable, clever and simply the best ways to deodorize a closet naturally:

Bamboo Charcoal Bag

For less than $3 each, these small bamboo deodorizing pillows are perfect for putting in boots, drawers or simply hanging on a curtain rod. I love the pastel colors

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