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How to remove bamboo nodes?

What's the best way to hollow out bamboo?
I don't have access to any drills or anything, so what can I do?

I'm tryin to make a blowgun for a friend of mine and a "gift" because he's making a ninja suit, and what ninja is complete without a blowgun??

If I have to split it in half vertically and cut out the "walls" to the "chambers" in the bamboo, what could I use to glue it back together with an air-tight seal?

Hi vikingsnextfb,
The ease or difficulty of punching out the node diaphragms can vary with species of bamboo and diameter. Generally the smaller in diameter are harder. (less than an inch (2/3cm) diameter).
Usually one can use a metal pipe or rebar (used in concrete reinforcement and available cheaply in lengths at a 'HomeDepot' builders supply stores.
It's best to use a size that is a little smaller than the inner diameter or it might get stuck, or crack the bamboo during the process.
I always have several size diameters on hand.

The other method is to heat the tip of the metal rod/rebar over a gas flame or whatever, till it is red hot, and it will easily burn through the node stops.

Or after initially punching out the main portion of the diaphragm you can use the red hot tip to smooth the inside edges.

This is a smoky undertaking best done outdoors.

The other method is to use a long drill bit (often used for drilling lamp stands), with an extended shank, but these can be pricey.

Cutting/splitting the bamboo in half, removing these node diaphragms and regluing the 2 halves is a lot of work.
I would use this method as a last resort.

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