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How to remove and install over the range microwave?

Step-By-Step Guide to Install Over the Range Microwave

Don't call a handyman or appliance technician to install your over-the-range microwave. Unless installation is part of the purchase price of your microwave, you can install it easily enough with common tools and an extra set of hands.

Installation: Difficult or Not?

Because the job looks deceptively ugly, let me tell you the only three aspects of this project that are even remotely scary—and why they are not.

Securing Microwave to Wall

Surprisingly, the microwave will not fall off the wall. Once you find the studs in the wall, you're 75 percent done. A special metal mounting plate attaches to the stud, and the microwave attaches to the plate. It is virtually impossible for the microwave to fall.

Wiring the Microwave

This is difficult only if you make it so. True, if you buy a hard-wired microwave, you will need intermediate electrical skills to wire it; it's best to buy a plug-in microwave so you don't have to deal with that.

Deciding Where to Drill Holes for Power and Exhaust

Paper templates temporarily applied to the wall will show you exactly where to drill. You can even drill right through the paper.

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