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How to remove conifers from garden?


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I recently removed two huge conifers from my back garden - over 50 ft tall.

I emailed the relevant department at the council to check that I could remove them and they replied within two hours that I could.

I believe that trees without Tree Preservation Orders can be removed without notifying the council - but it's best to check first.

I suggest you contact you local council to be on the safe side.

As I had to pay professionals to do the job I don't know how to get rid of the stumps.

I can't believe the complexity of the above answers, or the question.

Your tree is only 8-9 foot high! Just go round the base of it with a spade, about 1 foot away from the tree and then start pulling sideways on it, try to cut some of the roots with the spade, it will be out in no time.

You do not need any permission for that!

You may be right but as the conifer is not specified it could be a slow grower with quite a thick trunk and the roots sound as though they are quite large. Also, not everyone is as physically fit and young as you most probably are!

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