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How to remove paint from bamboo furniture?

Bamboo isn't as porous as wood, but penetrating oils still soak in, and if you have a newish piece of bamboo furniture, it may have a coat of tung or linseed oil. That's not an obstacle to painting the piece, but you want to clean it thoroughly first, because penetrating oils tend to pick up dirt. Even though you may lose a little in overspray, applying paint by spraying is a sure-fire way to get even coverage in all the nooks and crannies.

Preparing the Bamboo

The quality of every painting project is a function of how much effort you put into preparation, and in the case of unfinished bamboo, you'll expend most of that effort in cleaning. Scraping and sanding are necessary only if the piece has a film finish of varnish or paint. If you have to remove an old finish, consider power washing as an option.

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