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How to remove static from a silk scarf?

I'm wearing a silk dress with opaque black tights tonight to the theater, and when I did a test run with the outfit, I had some serious static cling on my thighs and butt. How do I get rid of this? I've read that you can use a fabric softener sheet, but does that really work? Does it have to be a certain kind? Any other options? Thanks in advance!|||to simply answer the question you asked, yes. the fabric softener sheet will work. any kind. rub it on your dress (on the inside) and rub it on your tights. it won't leave a residue. you might want to bring a back-up as someone suggested. depending on where you go, if you're in a car with a heater on, that warm, dry air can make the situation reoccur.|||the oldest trick in the book is "lightly" spray your clothing with Hairspray and it works been there done that and if your still worried take a fabric softner sheet with you and should you need it (and you won't) rub the softner sheet on your clothes.|||Take a wire coat hanger and run it along the dress. This usually takes care of it. Good luck :)|||Static Gone or another brand of anti-static spray available in the laundry isle at most grocery or discount stores works, but don't spray it on the dress. Spray the slip under the dress or the top portion of the tights that will be covered. They rarely but sometimes leave a white residue.

Pin a steel safety pin to the slip or your tights, and it will help discharge the static. In a pinch, an ordinary steel paper clip will help, but they can have blunt ends that will snag your tights or the fabric of the dress.

Edit - oh, the fabric softener sheets. YES they will. Wipe down the inside of the fabric lightly. I knew a lady who tucked one into her pantyhose to fight cling. I don't know if that is actually helpful, but she smelled good.|||eat ice cream?

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