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How to remove sliver from toddler hand?

My 1 1/2 year old son has multiple small wood splinters in both of his hands after playing outside near some railroad ties in our garden last week. I did manage to remove the largest of them all, however there are several smaller ones still inside his little hands. They do not appear red or infected in any way at this point. Should I try to dig them out (not to easy to do) or will they just "grow out" and be fine? Any advice on removing them if you think I should go ahead and attempt that? Thanks!! --> -->

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If you really want to get them out quickly and painlessly, we use a big piece of tape, like packing tape, press it on gently not so that it will stick and then pull it off. All the small splinters will pull right out.

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This may seem like a strange thing to do, but it works on a lot of splinters. Elmer's glue! Dab a bit on the splinters and wait for it to dry, peel off in the direction that the splinter entered (if you know) and a lot of the time, they come out. The little splinters are a bit harder to do this with, but I know how wiggly kids are. And mine is terrified of being in pain, or at least she acts that way!

Good luck. I don't think the little tiny eety bity splinters are much to worry about. Maybe try a sugar or salt and soap exfoliant rub in a week. That would be fun?!

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Have him play in warm soapy water for a while. sometimes they will soak out -->

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They should work themselves out over time, but make sure to keep his hands clean and watch for incfection in the mean time. Also, make sure he's 100% up to date on his tetanus vaccinations - old railroad ties could be an infection source. -->

My grandma used to soak splinters/slivers in hot water with epsom salts. It seemed to help. Put some marbels or toys in the pan so he'll keep his hand in it, and supervise him closely. -->

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--> My son had a huge splinter in his foot from running on a wood deck last summer. 3 at the time and he would not let me touch it and it was a huge fight so i thought I would wait until he went to sleep and got a sterile needle and worked it out he had no clue and he's really not that heavy of a sleeper. He woke up and realized it was gone and now thinks a splinter fairy comes when he sleeps if he has a splinter. He got another one in his hand a few months later and when I went to look at it he told me not to worry because the splinter fairy would be there that night to take it out. Regardless to say she came and the splinter came out without any fights. That was just my little story if they are not red and festering and pretty small I would just let them be. Digging at them could lead to an infection that otherwise wouldn't have happened. but if it starts to fester maybe a seasalt soak and the splinter fairy could help the situation out quite a bit.

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