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How to remove denture cream from your gums?


I have an upper plate and today it is time to remove my plate out, what can I do to get my plate out as it seems stuck?


Removing Stuck Denture

A stuck denture is the most common problem faced by elderly persons wearing them.

The denture stays in place due to the vacuum in between the gums and the dentures.

To remove it you have to break the vacuum.

Place both index finger in the back of your dentures on the sides of your cheek, feel the edge of the denture, then pull the denture downwards with your fingers, try this on both side at the same time.

Do not try to remove it from the front, the impact of the vacuum is very strong and the force applied can bruise the gums and some time bleed the gums.

The other method is to rinse your mouth with warm water forcefully, it can loosen the denture.

If the denture is stuck in the undercuts of the upper jaw due to relining it will be difficult to remove it on your own. You will need the help of a dentist to remove it.

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